Take a Safari Through Queens, NYC With Guided Podcast Tours


Photo: Joiseyshowaa under a Creative Commons license.

Queens, New York City, is the country's most ethnically diverse county. And it's not just among the human populations that you find a lot of diversity: the borough also counts a wide variety of ecosystems. Riding the 7 subway line runs across Queens, starting in Manhattan, running under the East River, and ending in Flushing, you get a great view of the incredible urban and biological diversity that makes New York one of the world's great cities. And that's the inspiration for Safari 7, a podcast series that lets you take a wild tour of the city's wildlife.The "safari" is a project of Columbia University's Urban Landscape Lab and graphic design studio MTWTF. The project dates back to 2008, when the Landscape Lab put together a "Safari 7 Reading Room" exhibition. Now, you can get a first hand look at:

  • oysters in the East River
  • monarch butterflies, poisonous milkweed, and a Japanese maple tree at 33rd St
  • peach trees at 40th St
  • Asian long-horned beetles at 69th St
  • the reefs made from old subway cars, submerged around Manhattan
  • terrifying "frankenfish" at Willets Point
  • chickens in Corona Park

Safari 7 explains its thinking:

Safari 7 imagines train cars as eco-urban classrooms, and invites travelers to act as park rangers in their city. We hope to engage the broadest range of New Yorkers, from commuters and school children to urban explorers and designers, in active research and exploration of their own environment.

So pop in your headphones, swipe your Metrocard, put on your safari gear, and get going!

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