Taiji, Japan Holds Security Drill To Prep For Dolphin Hunt Activists

dolphin in shallow water photo

Photo by cornstaruk via Flickr CC

Japan must be expecting a response from activists when the next season of dolphin hunt opens. Officials held a security drill this week, practicing dealing with a boatload of activists messing with fishing nets inside the bay at Taiji -- a bay that has become infamous after being featured in the Oscar-winning "The Cove" documentary. According to CTV News, "A Wakayama prefectural police official says Wednesday's drill was aimed at guarding the southwestern town of Taiji from protesters before hunting season starts in September. About 100 law enforcement officers gathered in the bay where the Oscar-winning film "The Cove" was filmed. The officers practiced responding to a ship carrying several activists intruding the bay and damaging a fishnet. The official said the drill ended safely without incident."

Last year, "The Cove" made it into Japan with screenings held in several locations and the director, Louie Psihoyos, offering free DVDs of the film to every Taiji resident.

Now, it seems Japanese officials are expecting even more awareness -- and even more protest -- when this year's hunt begins. It's not surprising after how much heat the country receives about its whaling and dolphin-hunting practices.

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