Tactikka Plus LED Headlamp

The Tactikka Plus from Petzl, one the best-known names in rock climbing, features four LED lights that can be used in four different intensities—bright, brighter, brightest, and blinking... It also has the ability to switch easily between white and red-filtered light. (The red light ensures that your traveling companion retains his night vision when you unexpectedly look him in the eye.) It runs off of three AAA batteries, but you won’t have to worry about carrying extras on the trail as they'll last from 80—100 hours. (Bonus points if you use a solar panel and rechargeable batteries when they do run out.) But Petzel’s inventions aren’t only relegated to the great outdoors--these headlamps are great on planes and trains; we even caught a friend using his to read a book in his backyard after dark. $39.95::Backcountry.com ::Petzl