Swimming With A Baby Blue Whale (Video)

Who doesn't love baby animal videos on a Friday? Especially, baby blue whales. The sighting of this particular calf and mother helps in the effort to prove that a hot spot in the Pacific Ocean is actually a birthing ground for the giant mammals.

Click through to check out the video of how the researchers ID the whales, and for the awesome underwater footage. In 2006, researchers discovered a nursery near the coast of Patagonia. But most of the lives of these big whales, especially their reproductive lives, remain a mystery. It seems the big blue beasts like to keep it that way. They probably aren't thrilled at the possibility of interacting with humans again, after being hunted to near extinction.

So now that you've seen this amazing animal, you're hooked, right? You can see a blue whale at life size on your computer, if you need to fulfill your wildlife fix this Friday.

Via National Geographic
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