Surfs up ... in Montreal

With our tongue firmly in our cheek, we include this story under the category: eco travel. Well, think about it. No more surf safaris, belching fumes from a well worn van or pick-up, as one traipses up and down the coast in search of the perfect break. Here is a 6 foot (2m) wave, that's always there, where you can find it. On Montreal's St. Lawrence River. Impressive for a city often cloaked in snow and hundreds of kilometres from coastal beaches. Not many cities can boast both cross country skiing and surfing within their metropolitan precincts. Who needs a car for weekends away, with all this adventure on your doorstep? River surfing was conceived by South African champion kayaker, Corran Addison. And as he puts it, "A 10-minute ride on a river wave equates to catching about 20 ocean waves, about a week's worth of beach time." Apparently Australia, France, Germany, the US and Zambia are following in Canada's wake. Via ::ABC Online and ::Seven Days.