Surfrider and Summit Foundations

If you've ever dipped your toe in the salty brine of our magnificent oceans, then you might've heard of the Surfrider Foundation. Formed over twenty years ago by a handful of dedicated waxheads, looking to protect the playground that bleached their hair and tanned their torsos, it has sure grown-up. At last count, the US had over 40,000 members. Internationally the growth has been strong too. Surfrider Europe includes over 15 'chapters'. One of their current fundraising initiatives — a calendar of French boardriders in the buff! Plus they'll have an exhibit at next week's international sports expo (ISPO) in Munich. And while a very thick wetsuit might be de rigeur for any European surfing right now, a spin-off group has stepped in to fill the winter slot — The Summit Foundation. Much the same goals as Surfrider, except protection of the Alps is more on their mind. They have an education campaign promoting careful resource use and the reasons why recycling is a worthy thing. We are thus informed that it takes "1,9 kg of oil to produce 1 kg of FART." Funny, always though it was baked beans! (Seems FART is French for PET, as found in plastic soda bottles.) The Summit Foundation also sell small tins (ecobox), so responsible boarders and skiiers can safely stow their cigarette butts, instead of littering the slopes and back bowls. They further advise "Before throwing, it is always necessary to try to repair!" We're wondering, does golf have anything like these passionate recreational eco-warriors? ::Summit Foundation [by WM]