Surfing Magazine Launches "2nd Annual Green Issue" & Announces Carbon Neutrality

Hitting newsstands today is Surfing Magazine's "2nd Annual Green Issue," the first initiative of a yearlong commitment by the magazine to diminish their carbon footprint.

Chock-full of tips and stories, special editorial features include: "How Sick Is Your Break", an article that focuses on ocean water quality; "ISD3", featuring coverage from the Third Annual International Surfing Day which took place on June 21st, and; "Being Green", a portrait of CEOs from the four biggest public companies in the surf industry and what they're doing to protect their surfing and business futures.

"The first Green Issue focused on global warming and what that will mean for surfers," said Evan Slater, renowned big-wave surfer and Editor of Surfing Magazine. "This year, in addition to expanding our coverage of ocean-awareness-related issues, we wanted to make the magazine itself more accountable."

In addition to the "Green Issue", Surfing's next initiative is purchasing carbon offsets in the form of mangrove reforestation projects in India to minimize the impact of their business.

Beginning with the October issue, the magazine will be working with to calculate the CO2 emissions produced by the production, distribution and printing of the magazine. "We have an obligation to protect the resources that give us so much joy," said Publisher Ross Garrett. ::Surfing Magazine