Sunlawn Lawn Mowers

Ah, the sounds and smells of spring. Birds chirping, people laughing, flowers and freshly cut grass. But man, don’t ya hate it when you can smell the gasoline from a lawnmower and see it polluting the air? Ew – now that ruined the mood. Let's take a step back in time, we're talking before the John Deere rider mowers came along. Check out Sunlawn, a company that believes in hand mowers and quiet neighborhoods. We like the Luxus 38 the best because it uses no energy but your own, it’s light and easy to push, plus you get some exercise on those beautiful days. But we do have to say that we like the other products they sell, too. The Accu Mower (a step up from the Luxus 38) and Lawn Trimmer/Edger have rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to use gas or oil, leaving your outdoors stink-free. ::Sunlawn [by KD]