Stunning Dolphin Video Captured by Tuna Fishermen

dolphins imageVimeo/Video screen capture

If you're in the mood to lose yourself in the fun and grace of a pod of dolphins, then here is your chance. A group of fishermen aimed to capture Tuna off the coast of Santa Cruz, but captured this amazing footage of white-sided dolphins in the process.

Note that this is a video filmed by fishermen and the beginning is, well, them fishing. So if you'd rather not see some tuna being landed, we recommend you skip to about 1:45 in the video to just see the pretty dolphins.

The Blue from Mark Peters on Vimeo.

The videographer, Mark Peters, used a GoPro. Specifically, "I used the goPro Hero2, with the dive housing, then I made a "torpedo" housing to hold the gopro steady underwater. You can see the torpedo in the video. The dive housing with the flat lens on the GoPro is the key to getting sharp picture underwater. Costs $50."

The video is certainly an inspiration to always have a camera on you.

dolphins imageVimeo/Video screen capture

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