Storm chaser’s film reveals the majestic fury of the southeastern sky

Storm chase
© Mike Oblinski/Vimeo

Watch 36 days of downbursts, building clouds, lightning and dust storms in this stunning 7-minute time-lapse.

There is little denying that weather can have a temper – but for most of us, when the weather gets vocal we run for cover. Storm chasers are different, and thankfully for us some of them happen to be super talented filmmakers who share the fruits of their chase with those of us who enjoy a storm from the comfort of a shuttered window.

Case in point, Mike Olbinksi (our favrotie storm-chasing wedding photographer) whose incredible short time-lapse of tornadoes, Vorticity, totally blew us away this summer. (Pun intended.) Olbinski has nerves of steel, apparently, and an eye for beauty, both of which can be seen in his work.

This latest installment is all about the monsoons of Arizona and includes footage compiled from 36 days of following around the weather that the rest of us try to avoid. Olbinski says that he has learned a lot about zeroing in on the elements that have energy and excitement, like downbursts of rain, building clouds, lightning and dust storms – which is all very evident in the film. He writes:

Coming off the heels of filming Vorticity in the spring, with monster supercells and tornadoes, the monsoon is a totally different beast and you'd think it would be less exciting. I don't know. I find them both amazing and inspiring. Weather to me is weather. No matter how mind-blowing it was to witness the Wynnewood tornado this past spring, standing in front of a rolling wall of dust, or a distant lightning storm under the's all a blast to me and I never get tired of it.

Nor do we! Watch the film, it’s really something.

Visit Vimeo for more about Olbinski and his work.

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