Stinkless Swedish Composting

The biggest pains of composting go hand in hand: The need to flip the pile, and the stink of it all. You've got to turn over the pile to make sure the new scraps get into the mix, but at the same time, the more you flip, the more you stir up the stinky bits to the surface, and make your kitchen or backyard a very smelly place. Lucky for you, the folks at Stiga have developed a new composting solution that solves both problems with one ingenious idea...The Stiga Kitchen composting system allows you to inject your fresh kitchen scraps into the bottom of the pile using a lever ram system. This has two major advantages. First, your food goes straight to the core of the pile, where the warmth, and highest bacterial activity is. This speeds composting along, and ensures a quick batch of "black gold". Secondly, because the rotting food is sealed under a pile of already composted soil, unpleasant smells are locked out of your garage or garden. By the time the rotting food is pushed to the top of the pile by other injected food, it is nicely decomposed and odor free.

On top of all that, Stiga is completely sealed, so your problems with racoons and rats are over. It even comes with attractive wood siding, and can be installed permanently in your garage or garden and treated just like a trashcan.
:: Stiga Kitchen Composter [by DM]