Steger, Branson, Ekran Heading Across Arctic in Bid to Demonstrate Drastic Change In Real Time for Schools, Public


With the saturation media coverage of late, so many people have become "aware" of global warming that it's tough to find anyone who doesn't have an idea of what it is But that doesn't mean they're all jumping up and taking action either. In fact, a recent poll showed that while overwhelming numbers of Americans agree that global warming is both real and human caused, 58% of those who think they understand the problem said no to a potential gas tax to help stop it.

And that's why legendary polar explorer and lifelong environmental activist Will Steger is leading a team of top explorers out across the arctic ice this spring in an amazing journey to capture the arctic trauma while highlighting the need for immediate action
The team includes Sam Branson, son of Virgin's Richard Branson, and Sigrid Ekran, the most recent "rookie of the year" on the Iditarod They'll be documenting their journey in real-time, blogging and creating podcasts from the ice throughout the trip. They'll also be leaving time-lapse video cameras in their wake to capture the ice as it melts away.

The idea is to provide teachers, students, and the general public with a terrific opportunity to get involved educating themselves about the crisis and what we all can do to stop it. Hopefully they'll be able to raise the sense of urgency in America and across the globe, turning awareness and latent knowledge into action.

I can tell you for certain that my classes will be following it, and I'd like to suggest that those in a school near you do too Check out to see how to follow them, it's free and promises to be a tremendous learning experience.

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