The stars over the Grand Canyon like you've never seen them before! (video)

Grand Canyon Stars timelapse
Screen capture Vimeo

You've got to see this! Gavin Heffernan, who we've featured on the site before (see the second video below), has shot a beautiful timelapse video in the Grand Canyon National Park and Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, with an amazing section dedicated to the night sky. That's why the video is titled YIKÁÍSDÁHÁ, apparently the Navajo term for the Milky Way (I can't confirm, my Navajo is a bit rusty...).

The photography geeks among you might be interested in Heffernan's description of the techniques and gears he used:

Most night shots were captured at 25 second exposures on our Canon EOS 6D's and Canon 5D mk3's with a variety of wide, fast lenses. Because the nights we picked had almost zero moon, the stars and Milky Way were exceptionally clear [...] For those not familiar with past vids, the star trails effect is created by tracing the rotation of the Earth's axis, using a long exposure timelapse pictures and an awesome rendering program called STARSTAX.

Here's another beautiful timelapse video, this one title Joshua Tree Journey 3: Storm.

His short films shot in Death Valley are also just gorgeous, with more amazing night skies:


The stars over the Grand Canyon like you've never seen them before! (video)
Without light pollution, this is what you might be able to see on a moonless night...

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