Stamp Your Letters With Endangered Species


A new series of stamps from the Royal Mail has been issued to commemorate ten endangered species in Britain. The almost-gone insects range from the stag beetle to the Adonis blue butterfly. They include the red-barbed ant and the hazel pot beetle. Then there is the noble chafer, the southern damselfly, the barberry carpet moth and the purbeck mason wasp. All of them vulnerable or endangered. They are part of the "Action for Species" series which highlights endangered species and were photographed from specimens in the collection of the Natural History Museum in London. It has a comprehensive collection of 28 million specimens.

endangered bird stamps photo

The first set commemorated birds which are quickly disappearing such as the bearded tit, red kite, corncrake and peregrine. Each stamp had a photo, and the bird's common and scientific name and a statistic referring to the species' increasing population. The next issue will on flowers and rare plants. No stamp, but more endangered species being saved: 50 new baby axolotl salamanders have been born in a sanctuary; they were endangered in Mexico and are breeding in Norfolk. Not to mention those seahorses popping up in the Thames River. :: Royal Mail Via :: The Independent
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