Southsea Deckchairs: Love is...Eternally Yours

On the morrow of the most romantic of days, Treehugger brings you closer to your loved one. Enter the Wide Boy, a ‘double’ deckchair encouraging close encounters of a different kind. Brainchild of Southsea Deckchairs, Portsmouth, UK, this XXL seating is being adopted by Eastbourne Borough Council on the southern English coast in the hope of attracting young couples to the town’s promenade and beaches. Time will tell whether love blossoms or the joy of cosiness proves claustrophobic. Incumbents can relax in the knowledge that Southsea’s environmental credentials emphasise craftsmanship and sourcing seasoned traditional beech and ash wood from Forest Stewardship Council certified woodlands. Durable, well-made and raises a smile too. Love your neighbour, love your environment. ::Southsea Deckchairs [by © Alastair Fuad-Luke, 2005. Eco-Design Handbook 2005 ] *See more pics in extended

Wide Boy seats two. TH suspects that a few
of their other colors might be sexier.


Cheerful colors.


Nice stool on the left in the back and sauna
chair on the left.


Sturdy components from FSC wood.