Something Not Covered In Oil - Image of Elusive Fish Wins Top Prize

During the coverage of the BP oil leak, we've been watching with our stomachs in knots over the damage being done to marine wildlife. To take a quick breather from the heartbreaking images of birds and shorelines covered in lethal black gook, we have an image that brings us back to how vibrant and beautiful ocean animals can be. The British Society of Underwater Photographers is a non-profit bent on finding the best of the best in underwater photography, and much of the time that means getting a shot of something rarely seen. Here, getting that shot won Arthur Kingdon top prize in the group's much-celebrated photography contest. It is a colorful and crystal-clear image of a rare black-faced blenny fish. It's one of the top eight stunning images submitted in this year's contest. The caption with Kingdon's image on the Guardian reads: "This black-faced blenny (also known as a yellow triple fin) was under Swanage pier, Dorset, in June 2009. Although only about three inches long, he was quite easy to spot, but it took me a while to spot the very well camouflaged female that he was trying to impress"

BSoUP is the largest underwater photographic society in Britain and is run entirely by volunteers. According to the Guardian, "The British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSoUP) is an annual print competition that involves The Wildlife Trusts, who judge the British and Irish categories of the competition."

The Wildlife Trusts, the largest United Kingdom voluntary organization dedicated to conserving the UK's habitats and species. With images like these to show off what is worth saving, it's no wonder the group has over 790,000 members.

For the BSoUP competition, photographers are given the task of capturing 'living seas' which captures the vivacious marine flora and fauna around UK's coastlines.

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