Solar Powered Firefly Lights Add Life To Your Backyard

Firefly Magic Firefly Lights Backyard Image
Image via: Firefly Magic

Interested in upgrading your current solar powered patio and/or walkway lights? Why not try the new Firefly Magic Firefly Lights. Developed by an inventor in North Texas, who wanted to experience the beauty of fireflies year-round. The lights are the same size and color as the Photinus firefly, and run on solar power and use LED (light emitting diodes) to make the lights even more efficient. They are so "lifelike" that they have been used in zoos, nature centers, museums, theme parks and on university field research to trick actual fireflies.Just in time for spring, Firefly Magic Firefly Lights retail for $59.99USD and can cover an area 13 to 24 feet wide. Perfect for the nature lover, for areas that lack actual fireflies, or just to add a little more ambiance to your backyard bbq dinner parties.:Firefly Magic Firefly Lights
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