Solar Bud: Garden & Path Lighting from Luceplan


"Organic Minimalist" Ross Lovegrove's designs have found their way to these pages several times before; his Orbit Chair, Bamboo bike, never-go-blunt ceramic razor and solar car prototype are all examples of the industrial designers' TreeHugging designs. He's done some designing for lighting manufacturer Luceplan (we've featured their Artificial Natural Light) that has resulted in more TreeHugger-friendly products. One example is the Solar Bud, a handy garden lamp that needs no wires. Stuck in the ground in a place that gets some sun, the lamp uses sensors to detect when darkness falls, and automatically switches on three high power red LEDs. Entirely solar powered, the Solar Bud saves both on energy and installation: no need for electricity, no need for wiring, and we think it'd go particularly well with the Solar Address Light. Available from ::Surrounding via ::Futureproof/ed