Soil Color = Carbon Content : Sequestering Useful Carbon


Sequestering CO2 is a business with growth potential. From pumping the stuff down into wells, to off-setting strategies, managing our CO2 production is an important aspect of our future. One of the best ways to tie up carbon, and have it provide a useful function is incorporating bio-char into the soil. Soil scientists (yes they exist), have just proven that the color of the soil can tell you how much carbon content it contains. Apparently you don't need fancy lab tests, just take a look. Generally, the darker the soil the more carbon content. This little insight makes assessing soil CO2 sequestration techniques far easier and cheaper. Fixing carbon (biochar) into the soil not only takes it out of the atmosphere, but also provides increases in crop production and soil health. The length of time the carbon (biochar) stays in the soil is still under research, but reports I have read state different soil types have been shown to hold onto their carbon for tens of thousands of years. ::Innovations Report ::Terra Preta