Nature Blows My Mind! Timelapse film of 150,000 photos show Slow Life of corals (Video)

Daniel Stoupin
Video screen capture Daniel Stoupin

Many of us will never get a chance to see a coral reef up close, and with climate change, deforestation and other human-spurred perils, corals are already in danger of dying off completely. Hoping to bring awareness of the beauty of corals and sponges, University of Queensland PhD student Daniel Stoupin took over 150,000 photos of these amazing marine organisms and transposed them into an entrancing short video that depicts their slow rhythms of life.

Slow Life from Daniel Stoupin on Vimeo.

Says Stoupin:

Time lapse cinematography reveals a whole different world full of hypnotic motion and my idea was to make coral reef life more spectacular and thus closer to our awareness. I had a bigger picture in my mind for my clip. But after many months of processing hundreds of thousands of photos and trying to capture various elements of coral and sponge behavior I realized that I have to take it one step at a time. For now, the clip just focuses on beauty of microscopic reef “landscapes.” The close-up patterns and colors of this type of fauna hardly resemble anything from the terrestrial environments.

Daniel StoupinDaniel Stoupin/Video screen capture

Daniel StoupinDaniel Stoupin/Video screen capture

There is truly something otherworldly and intense about these gorgeous close-up shots, and Stoupin cautions that his intention is to inspire conservation of corals and other sea-life, rather than fuel a kind of consumption:

Unfortunately, the desire to have something beautiful at home and possess fancy stuff (even when it's a living object) is usually stronger than the desire to contribute to environmental protection. I know that my clip will be shared largely in aquarist circles and I’d like to say: I’m not asking to throw away your passions and hobbies, but please think carefully about what you really love, protect, and invest in. The Great Barrier Reef is in grave danger and you have the power and finances to change its fate instead of scavenging what's left of it.

More over at Daniel Stoupin's website.

Nature Blows My Mind! Timelapse film of 150,000 photos show Slow Life of corals (Video)
Corals and sponges are fascinating marine organisms with a much slower pace of life, but this stunning video brings us up to speed on their beauty.

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