Silverback Gorilla Takes Close-Up Video of Himself With Toy Camera (Video)

gorilla toy camera image

Image via YouTube screenshot

To keep animals entertained at zoos and wildlife parks (something very important for their mental health), zookeepers often come up with rather ingenious toys that entertain both the animals and people. That's what's happened here at Durrell Wildlife Park when zoo keepers combined a camera and a treat box and gave it to a large silverback gorilla. The funny result of the game makes for a great mental break on a Friday afternoon. Click through to watch. Also, at about 0:38, you can see his massive teeth. You definitely don't want to get that close to a silverback in real life.

And as PetaPixel notes, "Lesson learned: if you ever lose your camera to a silverback gorilla, ask nicely and they'll throw it back."


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