Sigourney Weaver Deconstructs Disasterous Belo Monte Dam in 'Defending the Rivers of the Amazon' (Video)

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Image via Ecorazzi

Brazil has received a whole lot of negativity regarding the Belo Monte dam. The $17 billion complex would divert nearly all of the flow of the Xingu River, a massive river known for its biodiversity, to generate hydroelectric power. A new video narrated by Sigourney Weaver illustrates through a 3D tour using Google Earth video the catastrophic social and environmental impacts the dam project would have. If it moves forward, as the government of Brazil wishes, it would be the third largest hydroelectric dam in the world, would flood 668 square kilometers, displace over 20,000 people, and generate methane -- all to produce power for the mining industry. Check out details and the video after the jump.

As Ecorazzi states, "Anyone who has even a minor shred of sympathy for the biodiversity of the region and/or the uncertain future of its indigenous tribal people should seriously consider exploring the Amazon Watch website, signing their "Stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam" petition and Tweeting/Facebooking the heck out of this article so we can put pressure on Brazil's government to stop the madness before it officially begins."


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