Shocking Mass Animal Deaths Around The World (Slideshow)

beached pilot whales photo

Image: Google Maps

Just a few weeks into 2011, and it's already a tough year for the animal kingdom: Mass deaths of blackbirds, spot fish, sardines, croakers, doves, and other creatures are going mostly unexplained in regions all over the world (as this helpful Google Map points out).

But these population injuries aren't entirely uncommon: From beached whales and dead penguins to massive fish kills and threatened manatees, 2010 had its share of bad news, too.

Often these events are blamed on temperature change, human activity, or natural causes, but in many of the cases we've included here, we may never know exactly what caused massive destruction on these fragile populations.

Doves, Penguins, Whales, and Manatees: Unexplained Mass Animal Deaths Slideshow
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