Sharks, Polar Bears and Otters Are Not Simpler Versions of Ourselves

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Libby Brooks has a great opinion piece on the Guardian regarding our attitudes toward animals in relationship to ourselves, in response to several recent news items regarding shark and polar bear attacks, and the return of otters to England.

"[W]hat right does a human have to a safe ocean, or a safe ice cap, in contrast with every other species that lives there?...When animals accidentally act like humans they are redefined as cute, or sympathetic, or good learners. It is only when humans exhibit their basest nature that they are accused of acting like animals. It turns out that it is not animals themselves that are unsophisticated, but our own all-too human expectations of them."

It's a great piece to read as a wake up call, especially if you're going into the weekend with plans to go on a hike, swim at the ocean, or other nature-centric travels. Read the full article at the Guardian. Follow Jaymi on Twitter for more stories like this

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