Shark Week: Win A Date With Your Favorite Ocean Celebrity

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Photo by Shane Gross

Do you have a favorite ocean scientist, conservation advocate, shark expert? The big names in shark research are being auctioned off as part of Shark Week fun, and you can win a dinner with your favorite -- even Sylvia Earle.
The world's top shark experts are allowing themselves to be auctioned during Shark Week 2011 to raise funds for the Shark Research Institute's conservation programs.

If you've ever wanted to chat the ear off someone you've seen on Discovery's Shark Week or other documentaries, this is your chance.

You have 7 days left to put in your bid for a dinner (or lunch) with one (or some) of the world's most respected shark experts. You can find the full list here on the eBay site.

All you have to do is place a bid and hope you win. If you're a seasoned eBay buyer, you can probably pull out a few tricks to make sure you win at the last minute. It's up to you to either pick someone near your location or travel to meet them -- and it's also up to you to foot the bill for lunch or dinner. However, there are a couple celebrities who are making the bidding more interesting by offering to take the winner onto their boats for a chance to meet sharks up close. Now that would be something.

The auction closes August 10th, and all the funds go to the non-profit Shark Research Institute, so it is all for a good cause.

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