Shark Rescued By Venice Beach Surfers

great white shark photo


In light of the hard-to-swallow story I wrote about shark fin soup a few weeks ago, I was thrilled see humans show some compassion for this stunning predator. Venice beach surfers risked getting bitten by a baby great white shark this week in order to save the little guy from almost certain death, according to a story on NBC Los Angeles.California surfers pulled a baby great white shark from the ocean, removed an embedded fish hook from its mouth, and then helped the shark back into the water. It was a dangerous move that could have cost one of the surfers their hands, but fear of the shark's demise, meant they were willing to take the risk.

When a fishermen realized he had accidentally hooked a shark on his line, fellow fishermen and surfers alike pulled the shark to shore to save its life.

"Anytime you're around the mouth of any shark, it's a very dangerous situation," Peter Wallerstein from the group Marine Animal Rescue said to NBC Los Angeles. "They could have lost their hand, trying to do what they did."

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