Shark Discovered In New Hampshire Forest, Miles From the Ocean

shark in forest photo

Image via video Screengrab

Well this isn't a great way to start off the week after Shark Week. After smelling something odd, a resident of in Milton, NH went looking for the sources of the smell and discovered a decomposing blue shark -- an open ocean species -- in the woods. How on earth did it get there?WMUR reports that the shark was on private property a little way away from a busy main route. Lloyd Ellis, whose brother discovered the shark, guesses that someone likely didn't have a permit for catching the shark and dumped it before being caught with it.

Its such a waste to see a shark caught then just dumped like that. What's worse is blue sharks are a near-threatened species (though, when it comes to sharks, not many species are left that aren't threatened in some way from overfishing or pollution). Blue sharks feed on squid and other fish, and adults don't have any real predators -- except humans. They're one of the most heavily fished sharks as by-catch. It is estimated that 10 to 20 million individuals are killed each year as a result of fishing.

Authorities decided to leave the shark where it is, and let "nature take its course" reports WMUR. No doubt it will give residents something to talk about for a very long time.

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