Shark Bites Pregnant Shark in Stomach, Saves Eight Shark Pups

shark in aquarium photo

Photo via A.M. Kuchling via Flickr CC

In weird animal news, two sharks in an aquarium tank had a less than friendly encounter that had a happy ending. After being bitten in the abdomen by another shark, a pregnant school shark gives birth - in a rather involuntary way and in front of an audience of human aquarium visitors - to four pups who likely wouldn't have survived had the mother given birth naturally. Another four pups were found inside her when medical staff moved her for treatment. The odd thing is the bite essentially saved the pups' lives.The incident occurred in a New Zealand aquarium. BBC reports, "An aquarium spokeswoman said stunned visitors saw the injured shark and alerted staff that they had also seen things float from the gaping wound. The baby sharks were removed from the tank to prevent stingrays and other sharks from eating them.... If the mother had given birth naturally, most likely at night, the babies would have been eaten by adult sharks and stingrays before staff could rescue them."

All eight of the baby sharks survived the ordeal, and the mother is doing well so far, recovering from the bite. And the babies are in a nursery tank, to protect them until they're released into the wild.

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