Several Zoo Animals Killed by Flash Flood in Minnesota, Escaped Seals Apprehended by Police

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Some sad news from Minnesota: Flash flooding caused by heavy rain has killed many of the animals living in the Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth.

All but one inhabitant of the zoo's barnyard section died, a miniature horse named Darla being the sole survivor.

"We had sheep, a pretty beloved donkey, goats," said zoo spokesman Keeley Johnson. "All but one of the barnyard animals are deceased."

The donkey, named Ashley, had been with the zoo for five to 10 years. Darla, the miniature horse, survived by "swimming her heart out", according to Johnson. (source)

The zoo's website gives some info on the status of the survivors:

Zoo animals moved to Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

The Lake Superior Zoo’s polar bear and two harbor seals are being transferred to the Como Park Zoo & Conservatory following this morning’s devastating flood. Other animals, such as the brown bears and lions will be moved to quarantine in the animal care building at the zoo.

“This is a precautionary measure,” the zoo’s Director of Animal Care, Peter Pruett, said. “It is a considerable undertaking to tranquilize a large carnivore and it is stressful for the animal, but it’s in their best interest.”

Pruett said the staff was devastated by the loss of at least 11 animals in the flood. “The staff came together and responded exactly as they should have. Our local law enforcement and fire fighters were amazing and we all worked together.”

If you want to help, the Zoo has set up a page on its website about the floods with instructions on how you can help.

But this sad story has a funny side:

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"Two seals – named Feisty and Vivienne – were able to swim clear of the exhibit, however their time clear of captivity proved to be shortlived as they were soon apprehended by local police."

Seals apprehended by local police. Now that's a phrase you don't read too often in the news...

Via The Guardian

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Several Zoo Animals Killed by Flash Flood in Minnesota, Escaped Seals Apprehended by Police
Some sad news from Minnesota.

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