Seven of the Darn Cutest Baby Animal Photos on the Web

baby knut polar bear photo

photo via The Daily Mail

If cuteness stirs up the crowds enough to preserve endangered species or protect rapidly disappearing habitats, so be it. We scoured the Web for the cutest baby animal photos out there: And these seven are guaranteed to make your heart melt into a sticky mess. Speaking of melting--since global warming and melting glaciers have been the topic of many a TreeHugger post--let's start with some arctic cuteness.

1. Everyone's Favorite Baby Polar Bear: Knut

Yes, Knut is very cute. He captured the interest not only of Germany, but of polar bear lovers the world over when he made his adorable debut at the Zoo Berlin. Knut is all grown up now, but he is still a powerful reminder of the plight of the polar bears and the dangers of global warming.
baby penguin photo

photo via how colourful is our life blog

2. Baby Penguins

While we are on the topic of arctic species, who wasn't mesmerized in the March of the Penguins by the length of penguin courtship--or by the adorableness of those furry, baby penguins?

baby harp seal photo

photo from

3. Baby Harp Seals

Harp seals live in the Arctic, close to Greenland. Baby harp seals are also called "white coats" for their beautiful, white coat of fur. Resting on the Arctic ice, harp seal pups are almost completely helpless, so their white fur helps camouflage them against the ice and snow. A baby harp seal's mother can distinguish it from hundreds of others by scent alone. When they grow up, a harp seal's white fur changes into a gray, waterproof leather. Adults spend most of their time in the water, so no camouflage is needed--but the pups can't swim. Unfortunately, harp seal pups are endangered by their beauty. Hunters kill many for their white coats each year. There is a strong protest movement against the killing of harp seals. Concerned harp seal lovers even go to the lengths of finding pups and dying their fur. The white fur is ruined, but the pups are saved. Still, the demand for baby harp seal fur persists.

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