Self sufficiency in one square foot: SFG grid

sqft gardening 2.JPG
One step up from the windowbox, SquareFootGardening (SFG) offers city dwellers a chance to relax in their very own compact market garden. This is a modular system of four foot by four foot wooden or plastic boxes. These are sub-divided into a grid of sixteen one square foot compartments backfilled with a compost, peat and vermiculite growing medium. Easy to water, tend and weed-free, here is green-fingered fun. Annual flowers, vegetables and climbers are easily rotated around the grid and provide material for future composting. All profits from SFG go towards humanitarian and educational projects. [by ©Alastair Fuad-Luke, 2005]

sqft gardenting 1.JPG

Chill out urban market gardening with SFG