Seen Google's Crop Circle Logo? Nature Makes a Beautiful Canvas (slideshow)

google logo crop circles photo

Click the image above to see our crop circles slideshow.
Maybe No UFOs or Aliens, But Nice Art Nonetheless
Hundreds of millions of people have seen Google's mysterious "crop circle" logo today, and this made us think about crop circles. What are they if not art that uses nature as a canvas (well, if you can call monocultures nature...). Forget the whole UFO angle, we don't believe for a minute that interstellar visitors would spend their times in corn fields at night, making crop circles and then going back into hiding. We look at them as art: Here are a few of the most beautiful crop circles ever made, including some that show the sense of humor of their makers. So if you want to see photos of amazing crop circles, click the link below or the pic above!

Crop Circles Slideshow

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