Security Camera shows what it looks like when lightning strikes

lightning strike photo
Video screen capture YouTube screengrabs via PetaPixel

Yeesh! As if we needed another reminder not to mess with Mother Nature. A security camera captures just what happens when lightning strikes -- look what happens about 4 seconds into this short video:

From PetaPixel: "A bolt of lightning is seen in at least one of the frames, after which a number of shell-like explosions happen at the base of the trees. The footage was captured at 3:06 in the afternoon during a thunderstorm in North Jackson, Tennessee. YouTube user Philip S owns the security camera, a Cisco PVC2300 camera that is set to records continuously 24/7."

Talk about a one-in-a-million chance. To capture that on camera when you aren't even trying, that's quite a stroke of lightning luck!

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