Seattle Councilman Wants Goats Recognized as Pets


Photo credit: The_Brit2

Does Seattle Councilman Richard Conlin's latest proposal stand a goat of a chance?

Conlin wants to give Seattleites the right to keep miniature goats as pets, a move he bills as one step for sustainability. Pygmy goats, says the councilman, can act as environmentally friendly lawnmowers and weed whackers, while supplying a bounty of milk, cheese, and all-natural fertilizer.

Under current Seattle land-use codes, farm animals cannot be kept on lots smaller than 20,000 square feet. Conlin's proposal would reclassify pygmy goats as small animals, requiring only that they be licensed (just like dogs and cats) and for them to be confined to their owner's property. "We're not going to have goat off-leash areas," says Phyllis Shulman, Conlin's legislative assistant.

Conlin plans to butt heads over his proposal at a public hearing Sept. 18.

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