Scientists to Drag Radar All the Way to North-Pole to Measure Ice Thickness

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Be Glad It's Them and Not You
From Discovery News: "Braving temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius (minus 67 degrees Fahrenheit), [Pen Hadow and his] team will make the 1,100-kilometer (683-mile) journey to the North Pole dragging SPRITE, a radar which measures the thickness of ice every 10 centimeters throughout the trip." The goal is to then be able to predict when the polar ice cap will completely disappear during summer.

This might seem far off, but it's not...From Discovery News:

According to the Catlin Arctic Survey project, there are fears that the floating sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is melting so fast that by 2013, there would be no permanent body of ice there during the summer months.

This would of course be very bad for polar bears and other animals species living in the arctic, but it would also decrease the Earth's albedo, meaning that the dark sea would absorb more light, thus generating more heat, than the pale ice and snow.

Via Discovery News
Photo: Discovery/AP
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