Scientists Shudder to Think at Ecological Devastation if BP Spill Goes For Three Months (Video)

We just got a glimmer of hope with the BP oil spill in that one of the leaks has been capped--even if it's tarnished by the fact that the rate of leakage won't much be affected--but you've got to check out what these scientists are saying could happen after three months of oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico. Basically, after that long "all best are off" with the possibility of the slick spreading outside the Gulf, hitting the Florida Keys, and heading northwards.Then consider this, from Climate Progress:

Historically, major blowouts of this kind have been stopped by drilling relief wells, a process that will take about three months at this site, the Macondo Prospect just off the continental shelf of Louisiana. Last year's underwater Montara rig blowout in the Timor Sea took ten weeks to get under control. The 1979 Ixtoc I blowout took nearly a year to stop. BP is attempting experimental new staunch the flow of oil, but none have previously been shown to work.

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