Santa Swims With Sharks to Save the Species (Video)

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Image via YouTube video

The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium in Pudong gave visitors an extra treat when they saw Santa swim past. An employee with the aquarium donned the special suit and hopped in with sharks to raise awareness about the state of ocean biodiversity and the problem of shark finning. Check out a video of the dive after the jump.

As Ecorazzi notes, "The dive has created a stir among guests and highlighted the necessity of curbing China's growing shark-fin trade, which has caused a sharp decline in the numbers of shark populations (about 20% of all shark species are now endangered). And while this issue won't be solved by a holiday spectacle and certainly has no easy fix, the swimming Santa is evidence that there is a growing sentiment to stop these practices and really examine what's going on with the state of our oceans."

Thankfully shark finning is indeed an issue gaining more mainstream attention. Just this week, the US passed important legislation that bans shark finning in US waters.
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