Santa Cruz Island Bald Eagles Proud Parents of New Hatchlings, Web Cam Shows Happy Family

bald eagle photo

Photo by Alan Vernon via Flickr CC

Two bald eagles on Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands off California's coast are the proud parents of two new hatchlings. In 2006, the parents, K-10 and K-26, were the very first bald eagles to successfully reproduce on the Channel Islands in nearly 50 years. And there's a new brood to watch over, with hopes that the chicks will help keep up the recovery of this bald eagle population. But there's still a lot for K-10 and -26 to do! The female, K-26, has a long time of mothering ahead of her, staying on the nest almost constantly to protect the chicks. The father, K-10, will be the food provider, bringing back breakfast, lunch and dinner to his family. It'll be a couple months of care before the chicks are ready to take flight and head out on their own.

But you get to watch them grow! There's a solar powered bald eagle cam running daily between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

bald eagle photo

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