Sam the Koala, Survivor of the Terrible Australian Fires

Photos: Mark Pardew & Rebecca Michael, Herald Sun.
On Happy Story Among Thousands of Sad Ones
Amidst terrible death and destruction, we often look for positive stories to soften the blow. Australian TreeHugger correspondent Warren McLaren wrote about how Australia is melting, and each new report about the fires has a higher death toll than the previous one. In the middle of all that, fire survivor Sam the Koala has become a global celebrity. Read on for more details.According to the Herald Sun:

Mr Tree said he was in the middle of backburning at Mirboo North when he saw the stricken koala.

"I could see she had sore feet and was in trouble, so I pulled over the fire truck. She just plonked herself down, as if to say 'I'm beat'," he said.

"I offered her a drink and she drank three bottles.

"The most amazing part was when she grabbed my hand. I will never forget that."

It turns out that Sam is female, and she should recover from her burns enough to be released back in the wild in about 5 months.

For more details including a video, see the Herald Sun.

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