Russian Oil Corp Further Endangers Grey Whales With Seismic Surveys

gray whale photo

photo: John Bruckman via flickr

A follow-up to a story from a couple months back on how Russian oil and gas corp Rosneft proposed to begin seismic surveys near Sakhalin Island, in the process endangering already critically endangered grey whales. Despite public outcry, plus recommendations from scientists and 12 governments that they ought to just postpone the tests until next year before the whales arrive in the area for the season, the tests are set to begin next week. Via WWF:

The surveys are scheduled to start next week near Sakhalin Island just as scientists say western grey whales have arrived in their main feeding area, where they also nurse their calves. Only an estimated 130 western grey whales are left in the world, with around 30 breeding females. ... If the surveys were postponed until next year, Rosneft could conduct them before the whales have arrived in their feeding ground.

WWF also notes that if the surveys are postponed, Rosneft could deploy mitigation measures to lessen the impact of the seismic surveys, already developed by the Western Gray Whale Advisory Panel and currently being used by another company in the vicinity.

If you want to add your voice to the opposition to Rosneft's apparent disregard for whales--keep in mind, no one is telling them not to do the surveys; just wait until whales aren't around--WWF has a petition going: Help save the last 130 Western Gray Whales!
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