Run for Trees--Join the Tree-Athlon


Trees now have their own sporting event, complete with celebrities. The Tree-Athlon, for fit and trim tree lovers, includes a five km. run, a "tree wish", where runners' wishes are printed on their running bibs so that everyone can share their dreams, and participants get a pot of seeds to plant. Lots of local, green celebrities will be there to cheer the runners on, such as Diarmuid Gavin, who redesigns gardens on his popular t.v. show Home Front. All the money raised goes towards the planting and care of thousands of trees in bleak parts of the United Kingdom and internationally. Trees for Cities, the charity sponsoring the event, is an interesting concept, right up our Treehugger alley. It works with local communities on tree planting projects. Their aim is to "tackle global warming, create social cohesion and beautify our cities through tree planting, community, education and training initiatives in urban areas of greatest need." They work with communities in some of the poorest parts of the U.K. In East London they planted 60 street trees with local residents. As well as helping to identify potential sites and taking part in the planting, local people are offered the chance to get vocational training in horticulture. In Addis Ababa there has been terrible deforestation due to the increasing demand for firewood and wood for construction. Trees for Cities is working with the government to redevelop parks and open spaces in the city and the countryside. :: Trees for Cities