Roz Savage Takes Ocean Activism for a Row

roz savage rosing in hawaii photo

Photo via Roz Savage, Credit Phil Uhl

Roz Savage is a phenomenal eco-adventurer that we've mentioned a few times here on TreeHugger. She was in San Francisco at the Ocean Film Festival this weekend where she took questions from the audience about her extraordinary trip rowing across the Atlantic, and then from California to Hawaii. Read on for what incredible adventure she has lined up for this spring.An introduction to Roz Savage:

Rowing such extreme lengths is her way of promoting awareness about our oceans' health and the wildlife - and human life - that depends upon it.

I believe that our every word, every action, has consequences and effects far beyond what we will ever know. So I try to be mindful of the consequences of my actions, knowing that somewhere, somehow, they will have an effect


Roz's 23-foot-long boat is equipped with six solar panels and a wind generator that power her computers, cameras, water maker and other electronic necessities.

My boat is a perfect showcase for sustainability and self-sufficiency. Apart from a few gadgets powered by alkaline batteries, most on-board electronics are powered either directly or indirectly by wind and solar power.

This May, she plans on rowing from Hawaii to Tuvalu. 2,620 statute miles, and then on to Australia, an additional 2,324 statute miles.

We'll keep tabs on this phenomenal woman as she gets closer to the start of her westward journey.

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