Rising Temps Mean Malarial Mosquitos Infecting People on Mount Kenya (Video)

Last week it was house flies at the Mount Everest base camp, now it's mosquitos and malaria in the highlands around Mount Kenya that are in the spotlight, in this video clip from the UN Environment Programme. It's a short clip, but puts a human face on the sort of changes already being brought about by warmer temperatures:Interesting that mosquitos moving up mountainsides is coming to pass. Two years ago Stephen Morse, a professor at Columbia University, speaking at a meeting of the American Society for Microbiology called such an event "one of the first indicators" of rising global temperatures.

Think insect borne diseases spreading is something that will only happy in the far flung corners of the world? Think again.

dengue -fever usa map image

image: NRDC

Just a few months ago the NRDC released a report showing how half of the states in the US already have mosquitos that carry dengue fever, and that people in 28 states will be at risk from the debilitating, sometimes deadly disease.

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