Retractable Leash Concept Uses Dog To Power Lights for Safe Walks

fido leash concept image

Images via Fido Fashion

After some debate on whether or not having a dog means a bigger carbon footprint than having an SUV, we're seeing our furry friends ramp up their contribution to the green movement. First, it was the solar powered dog sweater. Now, it's retractable leashes that store energy gathered from the coiling and uncoiling of the leash as your dog runs around. The leash has three bright LED lights that make your walk safer, and are powered with the energy gathered by the leash. No batteries are needed for evening walks.

fido leash concept image

Creator Lucy A. Mitchell notes that this style of leash hasn't seen much upgrade since the 80s, and it's about time for a more useful version that maintains a green edge. She also notes that dog owners in the US spend on average $1,425 on their dogs. That includes blinky lights for safe night walks and fancy leashes. The leash from Fido Fashions isn't in production yet - in fact, they're still finishing up a working prototype and looking for investors - but when it is, we're sure we'll see these pop up in pet stores nationwide.

via Earthtechling
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