Reinventing the Bike Shed


Check out the winner of an international competition to come up with new solutions to the bike parking problem. It is called Habitat for Urban Bicycles, HUB, designed by Boston based architects. Bikes are suspended by their front wheel, on a covered carousel. Key-code access would park it and see it returned to you. "Reinventing the Bike Shed" is a design competition seeking radical new ideas for bike parking. The premise is that citizens ride and park bicycles and that alters the streetscape. Entrants should acknowledge that parking structures for bicycles can be a pleasure to look at and use, not an eyesore. The "Camel Crossing" created a central island in the road with room for reserved bike parking. Another entrant proposed a large closet to provide a storage area. The Bike Tower is a vertical solution, with bikes hanging from a tall tower. Although some seem fanciful, a local council is supporting the project by pledging that a prototype will be installed in the area for testing. :: Reinventing the Bike Shed


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