Recycled Hotels


TreeHugger loves recycling and reuse, and evidently so do tourists; the Daily Mail covers Extreme Hotels, a book about interesting and different places to stay that would make Charles Jencks and fans of adhocism proud.

In New Zealand, one of the last allied planes out of Vietnam, a 1950's Bristol Freighter, has been refurbished into 2 self-contained motel units. It is part of a complex with a converted rail car and boat. ::Woodlyn Park


One suite is in the cockpit; the other in the tail.


In the Hague, marine lifeboats have been converted into a floating hotel;


In Stavoren in the Netherlands, four 15,000 litre Swiss wine vats have been converted into hotel rooms complete with private bath; ::Hotel Vrouwe van Stavoren


Finally DasParkHotel, "constructed from repurposed, incredibly robust drain pipes, a temporary comfortable uncomplicated home for a certain time." First seen in TreeHugger here and in more detail on Inhabitat; DasParkHotel
::Daily Mail

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