Recycled Hotels in Boats, Trains and Planes

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There are more choices for the eco-traveller who wants to stay in a recycled hotel but doesn't quite fancy sleeping in a Swiss wine barrel in Holland for their holiday. If you choose New Zealand instead you have your choice of a plane, boat, or train...

l. Sleep in a Plane on Land
Located in a Kiwi culture theme park, the airplane accommodation is a 1950's Bristol Freighter, one of the last allied planes out of Vietnam. You can choose between a room in the plane's tail or the cockpit. This one has a winding stairway leading up to it, and a good view of the stars.

2. Sleep in a Patrol Boat
The Waitanic was a World War 2 Patrol Boat, built in 1942 in Auckland. The boat is part of New Zealand's history as 12 were built for anti-submarine patrol in the islands during World War 2 and only a couple survived. The choice of rooms: the Captain's room, the Britannic, the Honeymoon and the Titanic (!).

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3. Sleep in 50's Train
The train is a l950's railway car, part of the Waitomo Express. It is furnished as a self-contained motel unit, in the midst of the theme park. It overlooks caves and a small farm.

4. Sleep in a Hobbit Motel
If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, the one for you will be the Hobbit Motel. With a lawn-covered roof, large circular windows and specially designed furniture, this is the place to dream with the hobbits. Woodlyn Park
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