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For those of you treehuggers and dirt lovers out there, (or those of you female solar installers that can't find work gloves small enough to fit your hands and have to use gardening gloves, ahem), West County Gardener has the eco-solution with recycled PET gardening and work gloves. With spring right around the corner, its time to get back out there and back in touch with the earth. Using gloves will keep the thorns off your hands and the dirt from getting under your nails.The gloves are made from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles that are ground up and spun into "yarn." One 8-ounce plastic bottle makes one pair of gardening gloves. The palms and fingers are made from Kevlar and polyester for reinforced durability. Knuckles are coated with neoprene to keep your knuckles safe. Unique to the Work gloves is a terry cloth "brow wipe" for cleaning sweaty foreheads on a hot day.

West County Gardener currently sells a standard gardening glove and work glove. The new recycled gloves will be sold in the same colors and for the same price, but are more durable and lighter. The gloves also come in mens, womens and childrens sizes. Beverly Schor, founder of West County Gardener, says that the gloves took roughly 23 months of testing and that ultimately they use 75% less energy to make than standard virgin polyester gloves and produce 40% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Aside from gardening, landscaping and heavy construction, you can also use the gloves for skiing, driving, or anything else that you might need to protect your hands from.

The Work gloves retail for $20, the Gardening gloves retail for $28, and the Children's gloves retail for $20. :West County Gardener
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