Recyclable Pod Planters by Pad

White Pod Recyclable Planters by Pad Photo
Light Blue Pod Aluminum Planters by Pad Photo

Image via: Pad Outdoors

While maybe not as good as biodegradable planters, these recyclable "Pods" by Pad will bring a modern touch to your backyard or to your living space.

Orange Pod Planters by Pad in Four Designs Photo
These ultramodern looking planters are hand-spun and come in 6 colors (red, black, white, light blue, yellow, orange) with stands in two different heights. Made from light-weight, recyclable aluminum, these planters will be easy to modify and move around your patio. In theory, the planters, with their light powder coating, won't need to be recycled or replaced any time soon, but should you need to, you can in theory toss them in with all of your soda cans. Throw them around your garden for an added touch of color, or group them on your patio for decorations.

Pad is a design company based in Los Angeles, CA. You can purchase the Pods online or from several boutiques in Los Angeles. But be forewarned, these pods will cost an arm and a leg at USD$158 each. Now that we think about it, maybe those biodegradable planters, while not as pretty, are the way to go.:Pad outdoor
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