Behold the recorded history of meteorites hitting Earth, all in one interactive graph

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Celestial bombardment

Thousands and thousands of meteorites have hit the Earth over human history (and millions upon millions before that). Of those, only about 45,000 of those impacts were recorded, most of them in the recent past. A smaller subset of about 1,100 were actually recorded by eye-witnesses before being found and recorded. The site Bolides takes all that info and makes it easy to understand. You can look at the timeline to see both the number of recorded meteorites and their mass, and by clicking on any one year you can see highlights.

Historical chart of meteorites hitting Earth imageBolides/Screen capture

Once you've drilled in a particular year, you can click on individual meteorites and get the option to see them on a map along with mass and composition info. It's a very cool way to visualize a huge quantity of data that would be quite unremarkable in a spreadsheet...

Meteorite mapBolides/Screen capture

See the chart at:

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